Upcoming changes to NeSI documentation

Over the next few months NeSI will be making the shift to a new framework for our support documentation.

The content you know and love will be unchanged, but things will look a bit different.

We also have a new domain, docs.nesi.org.nz where you can browse the 'new' docs now.

support.nesi.org.nz will continue displaying the 'old' docs for a bit longer while we ensure everything is working as it should.


Maintainability: Due to the large number of pages hosted, keeping information up to date requires a lot of time and effort. The new system will make this easier.

Openness: We are moving from a proprietary closed source content management system to a community maintained open source one based on mkdocs.

Collaboration: Our new docs are publicly hosted on GitHub, meaning anyone can view, copy, and suggest changes to the source material. This will help ensure our documentation is more accessible and responsive to community needs.

Pretty: This one is subjective, but we think the docs have never looked better.

What will happen to old links?

support.nesi.org.nz will not be going anywhere, any links you have saved will continue to work.

What do I need to do?

Nothing at all.

If you like trying new things, you can see our new docs at docs.nesi.org.nz

We would love to hear your feedback via form or at support@nesi.org.nz


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