jupyter.nesi.org.nz release notes 25/08/2022

New and Improved

  • Updated RStudio-on-NeSI to v0.24.0
    • RStudio server v2022.07.1
    • Allow usage of NeSI environment modules in RStudio terminal (beta)
    • Allow usage of Slurm commands in RStudio terminal (beta)
  • Updated NeSI Virtual Desktop to v2.4.3


  • RStudio
    • Addressed issue preventing user installation of rmarkdown when using R/4.1.0-gimkl-2020a
    • Addressed knitr PDF compilation when using R/4.2.1-gimkl-2022a
  • NeSI Virtual Desktop
    • Added dependencies to fix OpenGL related issues
    • Internal refactoring for maintenance purpose of the permission with skeleton files in container build
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