Available GPUs on NeSI

NeSI has a range of Graphical Processing Units (GPUs) to accelerate compute-intensive research and support more analysis at scale. Depending on the type of GPU, you can access them in different ways, such as via batch scheduler (Slurm), interactively (using Jupyter on NeSI), or Virtual Machines (VMs). 

The table below outlines the different types of GPUs, who can access them and how, and whether they are currently available or on the future roadmap.

If you have any questions about GPUs on NeSI or the status of anything listed in the table, contact Support.


GPGPU Purpose Location Access mode Who can access Status
9 NVIDIA Tesla P100 PCIe 12GB cards (1 node with 1 GPU, 4 nodes with 2 GPUs)   Mahuika Slurm and Jupyter NeSI users Currently available
7 NVIDIA A100 PCIe 40GB cards (4 nodes with 1 GPU, 2 nodes with 2 GPUs) Machine Learning (ML) applications Mahuika Slurm NeSI users - currently limited to ML applications but opening up to all domains/applications when the new HGX A100s arrive Currently available
7 A100-1g.5gb instances (1 NVIDIA A100 PCIe 40GB card divided into 7 MIG GPU slices with 5GB memory each) Development and debugging Mahuika Slurm and Jupyter NeSI users Currently available
5 NVIDIA Tesla P100 PCIe 12GB (5 nodes with 1 GPU) Post-processing Māui Ancil Slurm NeSI users Currently available
4 NVIDIA HGX A100 (4 GPUs per board with 80GB memory each, 16 A100 GPUs in total)   Mahuika Slurm NeSI users Installation in progress. Available to users soon as part of the Mahuika Extension.
4 NVIDIA A40 with 48GB memory each (2 nodes with 2 GPUs, but capacity for 6 additional GPUs already in place) Teaching / training Flexible HPC Jupyter, VM, or bare metal tenancy possible (flexible) Open to conversations with groups who could benefit from these In development.
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