RStudio via Jupyter



This functionality is experimental and may break or be removed in the future.

The RStudio on NeSI GitHub repository contains a Python package that will help you run RStudio Server Open Source via our Jupyter service.

Once installed, it will add an option in the main interface of JupyterLab to start an instance of RStudio Server within your Jupyter session. Note that the RStudio Server will not outlive the Jupyter session.

The following steps will set up RStudio on NeSI:

  1. In a (JupyterLab) terminal, configure a password for RStudio Server:
    • echo "my_secret_password" > ~/.rstudio_server_password
  2. Restart your Jupyter session and click on the RStudio icon to start it in a separate tab of your browser. When starting RStudio Server, the username requested is your NeSI username and the password is the one you defined in step 1 above.

Note that at the current time there is no integration with NeSI environment modules.

Inviting Feedback

Please provide feedback on the implementation and share with us what is working well or not so well for you and what else you would like to see supported.

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