How to submit feedback or a new idea using a product portal?

How the portal works

NeSI is using product portals to share product features, ideas and invite feedback from users.

Cards on the portal

The Portal presents a number of “features” or “ideas” that you can provide feedback on. Each idea/feature on the Portal is represented as a “card”.

Submit feedback/ideas

Select a card, choose the importance and add let us know why this is important to you as well as your email address.


When users provide feedback on features/ideas in this way, their feedback is routed back to our Insights board.

Submit new idea

You can also submit brand new ideas on the Portal. These will be routed to our Insights board as well and reviewed by the product management team.


What happens to the feedback?

Any submission will reach our Insights inbox. We will review and action the feedback accordingly.

When appropriate, a portal card will be updated or created and published so other users can upvote the idea. Once we've reached a decision, an update can be sent to all users who voted for a feature on the Portal, or to all these users as well as anyone who provided an insight that was linked to the feature.



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