Clean-up of Pan migration directories from 2018

In 2018, as part of our migration of projects from the Pan cluster to NeSI’s new clusters housed in Wellington, we copied Pan users' project data on Pan to a special area of disk space. At that time, we informed Pan users this directory was intended as a temporary space.

To ensure NeSI’s storage systems continue to operate at their highest performance, we will be deleting these legacy Pan-related directories in March. If you are a former Pan user, action is required from you as part of this clean-up process. You should have received an email from us on 13 February, explaining what action is required. (If you didn't receive an email, but believe you should have, please contact Support).

A summary of the instructions from that email is shared below:

  • If you've already retrieved your Pan-migrated data
    If you and your colleagues have already retrieved all the data you need from /nesi/project/<project_code>/pan_project, please contact Support to confirm you are no longer using this directory. We will then delete the directory and no further action by you is required.

  • If you still need to retrieve your Pan-migrated data
    If there is data that you still need to retrieve, you must complete this task by the close of business on Thursday 12 March. Data can be moved to your other project directories on NeSI, such as /nesi/project/<project_code> or /nesi/nobackup/<project_code> (keeping in mind our new automated expiry process for the /nobackup directory), or to somewhere else altogether (such as institutional storage). If you have questions regarding where to move your data or if you require assistance with retrieving your data, please contact us. If you believe you will not be able to retrieve your data before Thursday 12 March, please let us know as soon as possible so we can discuss alternative arrangements with you.

    Once you have finished retrieving all the data you wish to keep, please contact us and we will delete the directory (along with whatever remains in it).

If you are unable to log in to the NeSI computing clusters to retrieve your project's data, please submit a support ticket and someone from NeSI Support will assist you.

Thank you,

NeSI Support

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