MobaXterm Crashes on NeSI clusters (Update - Resolved)

Update - 2020/03/13 

MobaXterm is acting up again, we recommend disabling the SCP browser (as shown in the 2019/11/01 update), or using a different terminal application.

Update (Resolved) - 2019-12-18

Disabling the "Remote-monitoring (experimental)" in the SSH settings seems to resolve this issue. If this does not resolve this issue for you please let us know.


Update - 2019/11/01

Disabling the SSH-browser under your session settings will cause the crashes to stop, however this will also remove your ability to transfer files.



Over the past month we have had multiple reports of MobaXterm crashing to desktop without warning when connecting to a NeSI cluster. This bug does not appear to have been introduced in a particular patch or update of MobaXterm.

If this issue has affected you, please contact NeSI Support with the following information.


  • Operating System Version (If you open 'cmd' it will be the first line displayed, e.g. Microsoft Windows [Version 10.0.17134.1006])

  • How regularly the crash occurs (always, occasionally, etc), and when did it start.

  • What seems to trigger the crash (After x minutes, first key press, moving files, etc).

  • What cluster were you on (mahuika, maui, maui_ancil).

  • MobaXterm config file, MobaXterm.ini,
    This can be found C:\Users\<username>\Documents\MobaXterm\MobaXterm.ini for the installer edition, or in the same file as the executable for the portable edition.

Thanks for your assistance.




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