MobaXterm Crashes on NeSI clusters (Update)

Over the past month we have had multiple reports of MobaXterm crashing to desktop without warning when connecting to a NeSI cluster. This bug does not appear to have been introduced in a particular patch or update of MobaXterm.

If this issue has affected you, please contact NeSI Support with the following information.


  • Operating System Version (If you open 'cmd' it will be the first line displayed, e.g. Microsoft Windows [Version 10.0.17134.1006])

  • How regularly the crash occurs (always, occasionally, etc), and when did it start.

  • What seems to trigger the crash (After x minutes, first key press, moving files, etc).

  • What cluster were you on (mahuika, maui, maui_ancil).

  • MobaXterm config file, MobaXterm.ini,
    This can be found C:\Users\<username>\Documents\MobaXterm\MobaXterm.ini for the installer edition, or in the same file as the executable for the installer edition.

Thanks for your assistance.


Update - 2019/11/01

Disabling the SSH-browser under your session settings will cause the crashes to stop, however this will also remove your ability to transfer files.



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