NeSI Licence Policy

With very few exceptions, NeSI does not hold software licences of its own. If you wish to use any of the proprietary software installed on the NeSI cluster, you, or more likely your institution or department, will need to have an appropriate licence.


SLURM and many other applications use the American spelling of the noun "License".

Licence Servers

The most common method of licence control is using 'floating' network licences hosted on an external server. In order for a user on a NeSI cluster to check out a licence, the address of that server must be known, and a firewall exception made for NeSI IP addresses.

Institutional Licences

A list of already established licence server connections can be found in the NeSI support documentation for the relevant software. Provided you are a member of the listed institution/faculty you should be able to use the software without any set-up.

If you believe you should have access to a licence but do not, or would like to organise remote use of your institution's licence, please contact NeSI Support and cc: your own IT services.

Personal Licences

You are welcome to make your own licence arrangements. 

NeSI's public-facing IP addresses are:

SLURM Tokens 

We encourage the use of SLURM licence tokens in your batch scripts, for example:

#SBATCH --licenses ansys_hpc@uoa_foe:60,ansys_r@uoa_foe

will request 60 'hpc' licences and 1 'research' licence from the University of Auckland Engineering licence server. This will prevent your job starting until the specified number of licences is available.

By not including the correct number of SLURM licence tokens you run the risk of a job failing on startup (your job will have to re-queue), or worse, idling until a licence becomes available (wasting CPU hours and likely leading to a timeout).

The names of the SLURM licence tokens are included in the application-specific documentation.


SLURM licence reservations work independently of the licence server. Not including a SLURM token will not prevent your job from running, not will including one modify how your job runs (only when it runs).

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