Skylake warning message on Māui

I get the following warning message, do I need to worry?

If you see


    craype-x86-skylake requires cce/8.6 or later, intel/15.1 or later, or gcc/6.1 or later


while loading CrayIntel , CrayGNU or CrayCCE you do not need to worry. Within the procedure of swapping the Programming environments all active PrgEnv get unloaded before loading the new on. In that meantime the module `craype-x86-skylake` keeps be loaded and realizes that there is no recent compiler version available. immediately afterwards the new programming environment and its compiler get loaded, which solve the issue.

You can check the actual situation by inspecting module load

If you want to get rid of this warning message you can:


    module unload craype-x86-skylake
    module load CrayIntel        # or any other PrgEnv change you intended to  do
    module load craype-x86-skylake


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