Ubuntu LTS terminal (Windows 10)


Currently the native Windows command prompt (even with WSL enabled) does not support certain features, until this is fixed we recommend using the Ubuntu LTS Terminal.

  1. Open the Microsoft store, search for 'Ubuntu', find and install 'Ubuntu 18.04 LTS' or  'Ubuntu 20.04 LTS' 


  2. Close the “Add your Microsoft account.. dialogue box as you do not need an account for the installation.You may have to click “Install” for a second time (If the above dialogue box reappears, close as before and download/install will begin.

    ubuntu3.png    ubuntu4.png

  3. Launch “Ubuntu 18.04 LTS” from start menu and wait for the first time installation to complete.
  4. As you are running Ubuntu on Windows for the first time, it will require to be configured. Once the installation was complete, you will be prompted to “Enter new UNIX username” and press <Enter>. This username can be anything you want.


  5. Now, type in a new password for the username you picked and press <Enter>. (Again this password is anything you want). Then retype the password to confirm and press <Enter>

  6. To create a symbolic link to your Windows filesystems in your home directory run the following command replacing c with the name of your Windows filesystems found in /mnt/. 
    ln -s /mnt/c/Users/YourWindowsUsername/ WinFS

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