New Zealand Data Transfer Platform

Globus is a third-party service for transferring large amounts of data between Globus Data Transfer Nodes (DTNs). New Zealand DTNs faciltate the transfer of data to and from institutional storage. This service allows data to be accessible to any person who has a Globus account.

NZ Data Transfer Node Endpoints.

Endpoint Name     Description Recommended Use Apply for Use Contact 
nesi#hpcf-dtn NeSI Globus Endpoint, located at NIWA Wellington (Greta Point)

transferring  files to/from maui/mahuika,

and file-sharing.

see conditions as outlined above
nesi#otago-dtn02 Endpoint 02 for the High Capacity Research Storage Cluster, Dunedin Campus, University of Otago Primary endpoint for Otago Dunedin;  uses local service accounts or globus sharing. Complete this form
auckland#dtn  Endpoint provides access to UoA research data.  transferring files between UoA research drives and maui/mahuika

Apply by email  to
agresearch#agrdtn01 A Globus endpoint attached to AgResearch’s institutional Linux storage platform Sharing large datasets with external collaborators and moving large datasets between NeSI’s facility and AgResearch’s internal storage platform

How to establish a New Zealand node

NeSI staff can provide details on how to join the national data transfer platform. 

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