Project Eligibility Classes

Before applying for a project you should:

  • Assemble your project team.
  • Become familiar with foundational HPC skills.
  • Qualify for one of our eligibility classes listed below.

Proposal Development

A short-term allocation available to researchers from any New Zealand research institution. During this allocation you will:

  • Find out whether your software works on one of the NeSI platforms.
  • See how your software scales when you run it on more processors.
  • Start estimating how many core hours per year you will need for your project.

Once your Proposal Development allocation is well underway (or has ended), you are welcome to apply for a further allocation, which will be granted from one of our other allocation classes.

Allocations Granted:

Any time

Allocation Period:

1 Month

Max Allocation:

 600 Hours




Intended for highly skilled research teams carrying out high quality research funded via a peer review process that supports the New Zealand Government's Science Goals.

A named investigator on a peer reviewed research grant or contract covering the entire allocation period. Students under the supervision of a named investigator are eligible at NeSI's discretion.

Examples likely to qualify:

  • MBIE managed research funds
  • Health Research Council funding
  • Royal Society of New Zealand funding, e.g. Marsden grants
  • SSIF programme funding (previously known as CRI Core funding)
  • Research programmes forming part of a National Science Challenge
  • Research programmes forming part of a Centre of Research Excellence (CoRE)

Those engaged in privately funded research or research funded by a foreign government are unlikely to qualify.

Allocations Granted: Quarterly
Allocation Period: 1 year, renewable
Max Allocation: 1,000,000 Hours
Priority: Highest


Standard allocation for anyone enrolled at a New Zealand degree-granting institution and working on a postgraduate research programme (e.g. PhD or Masters by research) approved by that institution. If your institution is a NeSI Collaborator or Subscriber, your project's allocation may be provided under your institution's entitlement.

Applicants in undergraduate programmes (including Honours programmes) or graduate programmes based on coursework are not eligible.

Allocations Granted: Quarterly
Allocation Period: 1 year, renewable
Max Allocation: 500,000 Hours
Priority: Low


Available if you work for or study at one of the institutions that is a NeSI collaborator, or has a subscription to the NeSI HPC Compute & Analytics Service.

Allocations from an institution's entitlement are subject to approval by that institution. Some institutions require pre-approval or recover costs for their HPC usage through internal charging.

If you are a staff member or postgraduate student at a NeSI collaborator, your project will likely be considered for an Institutional allocation rather than a Merit or Postgraduate allocation.

Allocations Granted:  Any time
Allocation Period: 1 year, renewable
Max Allocation: Subject to institution
Priority: High

If you only qualify for a Proposal Development allocation right now, please get in touch with us before applying for a new project. Our Engagement Team is happy to talk to you and representatives of your institution about subscription options. It's best to start talking to us early as subscription contracts can take a while to set up.

Our team is happy to answer any questions you may have throughout the application process.

For more information see the How Applications are Reviewed section.


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