COMSOL is a multiphysics solver that provides a unified workflow for electrical, mechanical, fluid, and chemical applications.

COMSOL is available on Mahuika.


module load COMSOL

to load the COMSOL module.

comsol --help

Will display a list of COMSOL batch commands.

Useful Links


Currently the only licence server we have a connection with is UoA Physics.

If you would like to use another licence please contact NeSI support.


Example Script

#!/bin/bash -e
#SBATCH --job-name          COMSOL_run1
#SBATCH --time              05:00:00
#SBATCH --cpus-per-task     8       #Remember to halve with #nomultithread
#SBATCH --mem               10G
#SBATCH --output            COMSOL-%j.out
#SBATCH --hint nomultithread #SBATCH --licenses comsol@uoa_physics #==========================================# INPUT_FILE="/nesi/project/nesi99999/input.mph" OUTPUT_FILE="/nesi/nobackup/nesi99999/output.mph" #==========================================# cat ${0} module load COMSOL/5.3 comsol batch -inputfile $INPUT_FILE -outputfile "output${SLURM_JOBID}.mph"


Resource requirements

COMSOL does not support MPI therefore #SBATCH --ntasks should never be greater than 1.

Memory requirements depend on job type, but will scale up with number of CPUs ≈ linearly.

Hyper-threading can benefit jobs using less than 8 CPUs, but is not recommended on larger jobs.

Performance is highly depended on the model used. The above should only be used as a very rough guide.





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