Initial Globus Sign-Up, and your Globus Identities


Globus provides logins for NeSI users via their organisation, GitHub, Google or GlobusID.

To sign up to Globus, please go to

1) Sign-Up to Globus

To sign up to globus, you can look for your organisation in the drop-down box. If your organisation is not present in the drop-down box, you can also use any of the available methods - this then becomes your primary identity in Globus.



2) Link other Globus identities to your primary identity

From the Globus docs:

Login to a Globus account, via its primary identity or one of its linked identities, implies login to the account’s primary identity and all identities linked to that account’s primary identity. In other words, login to a Globus account potentially grants access to all resources accessible via all identities linked to that Globus account’s primary identity.

If you have other identities in Globus (for example, a globusID), link them  to your Google ID account following the instructions at





If you had a Globus account before February 2016, that account ID is now your "GlobusID".

Your groups and data-shares are associated with your login so you should ensure that your primary identity is the login you will generally use.










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