NeSI offers consultancy to overcome software limitations that currently impair your ability to make the best use of NeSI platforms.

Examples of outcomes we could assist with (this list is general and non-exhaustive):

  • Workflow parallelisation – allowing more inputs to be processed simultaneously, usually by different instances of the software running side by side
  • Software parallelisation – use of technologies such as OpenMP or MPI to process one single input more quickly by one instance of the software
  • Code optimisation – redesign of algorithms to improve overall speed or efficiency of resource (CPU or memory) use
  • Improved I/O performance – work to speed up reading from or writing to the disk, or to reduce the amount of data that must be read or written
  • Porting to GPU – accelerate code by offloading computations to a coprocessor
  • Creating/Improving a visualisation workflow pipeline
  • Translating Python/R/Matlab code to C/Fortran for faster execution

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