MobaXterm Setup (Windows)


  1. Download the Installer Edition of MobaXTerm here.
  2. Enable use of two-factor authentication. First, open the MobaXTerm settings dialog (in the button bar at the top of the MobaXTerm window):


Then, go to the SSH tab:


Enable the option, "Use 2-factor authentication for SSH gateways" (You can also enable SSH keepalive here to stop inactive sessions closing).


Click OK to exit the Settings dialog, and quit and restart MobaXTerm before continuing.

4. To set up a specific connection to Mahuika, create a new SSH session. Set the following options:

  • In "Basic SSH settings", set the remote host to, enable the "Specify username" option and put your NeSI username in the corresponding box
  • In "Advanced SSH settings", set SSH-browser type to any option other than SFTP. For example, in the box below, SCP (enhanced speed) is selected. If you select None, note that you will need to set up a different client (such as WinSCP) for copying files.


  • In the “Network settings” tab:
    • Enable "Connect through SSH gateway (jump host)"
    • Enter in the “Gateway SSH server” field, as well as your NeSI username in the User field for the gateway SSH server.



There is a MobaXterm bug which causes some users to be repeatedly prompted for "password:". This can be resolved by pressing "Enter" each time you are initially prompted for "password:", then logging in as normal once you are prompted for your "First Factor".

See Login Troubleshooting for more details

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