MobaXterm Setup (Windows)


Setting up MobaXterm as shown below will allow you to connect to the Cluster with less keyboard inputs as well as allow use of the file transfer GUI.

  1. Download the Installer Edition of MobaXTerm here.
  2. To set up a session, Click 'Sessions > New Session':
  3. In "Basic SSH settings",
    • Set the remote host to for Mahuika users or for Maui users.
    • Enable the "Specify username" option and put your Username in the corresponding box.
  4. In "Advanced SSH settings"
    • Set SSH-browser type to SCP.
    • Optionally, tick the 'Follow SSH path' button.
  1. In the “Network settings” tab:
    • Enable "Connect through SSH gateway (jump host)"
    • Enter in the “Gateway SSH server” field, as well as your NeSI username in the User field for the gateway SSH server.


  1. Click 'OK', usually this will start a new session immediately. See usage below.


There is a bug which causes some users to be repeatedly prompted <username>'s password:
This can be resolved by clicking "OK" each time you are prompted then logging in as normal once you are prompted for your First Factor: or Password:.
See Login Troubleshooting for more details


You will see your saved session in the left hand panel under 'Sessions'. Double click to start.


You will be prompted by dialogue box.

Login Password (First Factor):

Enter your password.

Authenticator Code (Second Factor):

Enter your second factor six digit number (no space).

Then Mahuika users may be prompted again:

Login Password:

Enter your password again

Maui users will instead be prompted with:


Maui users must enter their password combined with their second factor. For example, if your password is "Password" and your current second factor is "123456" then you must enter "Password123456".


If you choose to save your password, the process will be the same minus the prompts for First Factor.

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