File Transfer with SCP


NOTE: The guide below assumes you have SSH set up as described Logging into the HPC page.

Bash Terminal via Multiplexing

While a session with mahuika is open, any new sessions will share the same sockets and allow SCP without the need for re-entering security factors.

On a local terminal, enter the following command to transfer files from a location on your local machine to a location on Mahuika:

scp <path/filename> mahuika:~/<path/>

Or enter the following command to transfer a file from a location on Mahuika to a location on your local machine:

scp mahuika:~/<path/filename> <path/>

/<path/filename> and <path/> must be replaced with real file and directory paths for the command to work. If you are trying to transfer files through Maui then replacing mahuika with maui will allow the commands to work.


Clicking the "Scp" tab (located on the left-hand side of the MobaXTerm window) opens up a graphical user interface that can be used for basic file operations. You can drag and drop files in the file explorer or use the up and down arrows on the toolbar to upload and download files.



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