Why can't I log in using MobaXTerm?

Recent changes to our authentication system have caused some problems for people who log in to NeSI HPC systems using MobaXTerm on Windows.

To fix these problems, you will need to do the following:

  1. Upgrade your MobaXTerm to the most recent stable version. You can download the most recent stable version from https://mobaxterm.mobatek.net.
  2. If you have created saved sessions to connect to NeSI HPC facilities, open the settings for each such saved session and under the "Advanced SSH settings" tab, change the SSH browser type from SFTP to something else, such as "SCP (enhanced speed)".
  3. If you are prompted multiple times for password (rather than First Factor), this is a bug. Entering any text will cause your login attempt to fail. The expected procedure is as follows.
ssh <user>@lander.nesi.org.nz
<user>@lander.nesi.org.nz's password: <Press Enter> 
s password: <Press Enter>
<user>@lander.nesi.org.nz's password: <Press Enter>
Login Password (First Factor):
Authenticator Code (Second Factor):

For more information about how to log in to our HPC facilities, please see this article, and for more login troubleshooting here.

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