You will need all of the following, before you can logon:

  1. A terminal program with which to log in:
    • Windows: MobaXterm (Latest stable Home Installer Edition release), Windows 10 bash, or PuTTY
    • MacOS X: Terminal app or iTerm2
    • Linux: Terminal app or xterm
  2. A smartphone with one of the following installed:
    • Google Authenticator (recommended)
    • another app that implements the TOTP (Time-based One Time Password) algorithm.
  3. Have an account on the new HPCs. If you don't already have an account then please complete the following 3 steps:
    1. Create an account,
    2. Reset the password on that account,
    3. Set up two factor authentication
    4. Be a member of a team that has a current NeSI Project allocation on one of the NeSI HPCs, otherwise apply for a NeSI Project after first reviewing the information about the types of NeSI Project Allocations available.

To login, see the section on Logging into the HPCs.


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