Personal Globus Endpoint Configuration

Using Globus to transfer and share files from/to a personal computer

Install Globus Connect Personal on your workstation/laptop

See the Globus howto page on how to install a personal Globus endpoint on your computer (OS-specific instructions).

Once your personal Endpoint is created and you have activated it, check Globus's Endpoints administered by you to see your Endpoint is active.


For personal Endpoint file-transfer and sharing

If you need to share files from your personal computer or move files between two personal computers, you need a Globus Plus subscription.

Globus Plus is a part of NeSI's Globus subscription. To join Globus Plus you must become a member of the Globus sponsor group New Zealand eScience Infrastructure.

Check if your account already has this membership by viewing the Globus Plus tab under your Account:


If you do not see an entry for  New Zealand eScience Infrastructure on this page, select "Add Globus Plus Sponsor" and add NeSI.

You'll get confirmation when your application has been accepted.


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