XC50 Aries Network Architecture

There are 4 dual socket nodes on blade, connected to a single Aries (switch) chip, and there are 16 Aries chips in a chassis connected to the backplane. On Māui, this implies each chassis contains 64 nodes, or 2,560 Skylake cores. There are 3 chassis in an XC50 cabinet, and two XC50 cabinets are an Electrical "group". Maui has 1.5 groups.


The performance characteristics are:

    1. Intra-Chassis
      1. Backplane
      2. 15 links in the backplane
      3. Rank 1 (green) Network
      4. 14 Gbps
    2. Intra-group
      1. Copper cables
      2. 15 links in 5 connectors
      3. Rank 2 (black) Network
      4. 14 Gbps
    3. Inter-group links
      1. Optical
      2. 10 links in 5 connectors
      3. Rank 3 (blue) Network
      4. 12.5 Gbps

The centrepiece of the Aries network is dynamic routing through a large variety of different routes from Aries A to Aries B. Therewith the effective bandwidth is increased significantly. These dynamic routing on alternative paths is applied on all 3 levels of the network.

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