Allocation Aging

Because NeSI Core-h and Node-h allocations must be consumed on a use or lose basis, and to ensure users have a clear understanding of their remaining (physical) core-h allocations, NeSI ages HPC Project Allocations using the following formula:

A(t)=A(t0)–MAX(U(t), INT((t–t0)/Δn) ×A(t0)× Δn/ ΔT ))


  • t is the current date
  • t0 is the date on which the Project Allocation was available for use by the Project
  • U(t) is the project usage since t0
  • A(t) is the Allocation available on date t (therefore A(t0) is the HPC Allocation awarded to
                the project)
  • ΔT is the duration of the Allocation (days)
  • Δn is the NeSI aging interval (90 days)


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