FitzRoy & Māui Compared

The Māui numbers differ here (from those indicated for the Māui Supercomputer), as they show only the 57% of resources available for use by NeSI.

Component FitzRoy (NeSI) Māui (NeSI) Comment

Supercomputer processors

IBM P575/P6 (2,208 CPU cores)

Cray XC50 supercomputer containing 10,560 Skylake CPU cores


Network interconnect

Infiniband (DDRx8)

Cray Aries™ interconnect


Ancillary nodes

NIWA only access:
X-Series (112 Nehalem cores) and Flex Blades, (192 Cores, Ivy Bridge, Haswell), 1 × Tesla K40m GPGPU, RHEL

CS500 (CentOS 7.4)

  • Large Memory: 768 GB memory: 640 Skylake cores,

  • GPGPUs: 5 Tesla P100 (17,920 cores)

Provide NeSI users with new Services, including pre/post processing, virtual labs, remote visualisation.

Storage hardware

(DDN) DCS9900 400TB,

~8GB/s Bandwidth

IBM TS3500 (offline) 3PB

IBM ESS 1×GS4S, 4×GL6S, ~130GB/s Bandwidth

  • /home, /nesi/project: 1.76PB

  • /nesi/nobackup): 4.4PB

IBM TS3500 (offline)

  • /nesi/nearline

  • 12 x LTO8 drives

  • 4156 media slots (shared) & >100 PB

File systems: /home, /nesi/project and /nesi/nobackup are shared with Mahuika

Very large increase in IOPS, b/w and storage

Storage file system


Spectrum Scale (version 5)

Name change, and major version change

Supercomputer operating system


SuSE Linux Enterprise (SLES) 12 with Cray Linux Enviromment (CLE) 6.0-UP06


Workload manager





FitzRoy: IBM XL

Blades: GNU, PGI

GNU, Intel, Cray

No PGI at this point.



Allinea DDT


Programming Environment

Collection of parts

Cray Programming Environment (Maui and Mahuika)

See this section for the key differences

Software Management / provenance

XCAT, RPMs …. Modules

Bright Cluster Manager, EasyBuild, Modules, Lmod, OpenStack (CS500)



Directly to FitzRoy Login node (or to a Blade node – Virtual Workstation)

Two-factor login to a “Lander” node, then ssh to the destination node (e.g. Māui login node, virtual lab node, Mahuika login node etc.)

We need to implement “best practice” security policies.


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