Pan & Mahuika Compared

Table 1: Essential differences (and similarities) between Pan and Mahuika

Component Pan Mahuika Comment
HPC Cluster IBM iDataPlex cluster,
RHEL 6.3
Cray CS400 cluster,
CentOS 7.4
All nodes have the same processors and memory.
  - Westmere (888) - Broadwell All Mahuika HPC Cluster nodes have 128GB memory
  - Sandbridge (3,888)    
  - IvyBridge (1,008)    
  Total: 5,784 cores  Total: 8,424 cores  
IBM iDataPlex (RHEL 6.3) Cray CS400 (CentOS 7.4) Will provide NeSI users with new Services, including pre/post processing, virtual labs, remote visualisation.
  - Large Memory (512GB)
- 84 Westmere cores

- Large Memory (512GB) 
- 576 Broadwell cores

- Huge Memory (4TB)
- 64 Broadwell cores.

  - GPGPU: 42 - GPGPU: 8 Tesla P100
- (28,672 cores)
  - Phi: 4    
Interconnect Infiniband QDR Infiniband FDR to Edge switches
EDR Core (Fat Tree Topology)
The core storage network is EDR Infiniband
Storage IBM DS35xx
~1.5GB/s Bandwidth
~130GB/s Bandwidth
Very large increase in IOPS, b/w and storage.

- /home,
- /nesi/project:750TB

Storage shared between Maui and Mahuika
   /scratch:0.6TB - /nesi/nobackup:4400TB
New offline storage via Hierarchical Storage Management
   No Offline storage IBM TS3500 (offline storage)  
    - /nesi/nearline  
    - 12 x LTO8 drives  
    - 4156 media slots (shared) >100 PB  
Filesystem GPFS Spectrum Scale (version 5) Name change, and major version change
Workload manager Slurm Slurm  
Compilers GNU, Intel, pgi GNU, Intel, Cray  
Debugger DDT Allinea DDT  
Programming Environment Collection of parts Cray Programming Environment, Intel and GNU tools See this article for the key differences
Software Management / provenance XCAT, EasyBuild, Lmod, etc. Bright Cluster Manager, EasyBuild,
Lmod, OpenStack.
Adds OpenStack capability
Login Directly to Pan Login node (VM). Two-factor login to a “Lander” node,
then ssh to destination node
(e.g. Mahuika login node, virtual lab node, Māui login node etc.)
We need to implement “best practice” security policies.

Pan users should review the Pan to Mahuika primer too.

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