Setting Up Two-Factor Authentication


 Authentication App

In order to generate the second factor required for access to the NeSI cluster you will need a smartphone with a working camera, and have either Authy or Google Authenticator installed.

If you some reason you cannot do this, please contact NeSI support.

Linking a device to your account

  1. Log into My NeSI via your browser and click on Accounts or refresh the page and you will see an option to "Setup Two-Factor Authentication device"

  2. Click the "Setup Two-Factor Authentication device" link.

  3. After clicking on "Continue" you will be prompted for the NeSI SSH password which you have set. Submit the password and retrieve the QR code.
  4. Open your Authy or Google Authenticator app and click on the add button and select "Scan a barcode".

The second-factor token

The 6 digit code displayed on your app can now be used as the second factor in the authentication process.
This code rotates every 30 seconds, and it can only be used once. This means that you can only login to the lander node once every 30 seconds.

What next?

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