Maximum Allocations

The maximum size of NeSI Project Allocations and their durations are given in the table. Actual HPC Allocations will be made based on expressed user requirements and forecast availability, and may be smaller than these limits.

Table 2: Maximum Core-h, Node-h and GPU-h allocations by Allocation Class on Mahuika and Maui. Institutions can specify any upper limit they decide, so long as the sum of their allocations falls within their allocation cap.

Allocation Class





1,000,000 core hs

720 GPU-hs

28,000 node-hs

680 GPU-hs

1 year, renewable

Proposal Development

600 core-hs

6 GPU-hs

15 node-hs

6 GPU-hs

1 month

Post Graduate

500,000 core-hs

360 GPU-hs

14,000 node-hs

340 GPU-hs

1 year, renewable


No Limit

No Limit

1 year, renewable


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