Project Extensions

A Proposal Development project cannot be extended but all other Projects may be extended upon a request from the Project Owner. A Project extension can modify any or all of the following:

  • End date
  • HPC compute resources
  • Storage

To be considered for an extension, the PO must:

  • Have submitted an End of Project Report, and
  • Submitted a request for a Project Extension.

The information required, when requesting an extension includes:

  • Name of the Project Owner
  • Institutional Address details
  • Project Title
  • Allocation Class
  • Allocated Resources
  • Resources used
  • Number of core-hs requested
  • Number of GPU-hs requested (if any)
  • Additional storage requirements (if any) on:
    • /nesi/project and/or
    • /nesi/nearline
  • Reason for requesting the extension(s)
  • Start date for the extension
  • End date for the extension

The extension period may be up to 50% of the period of the initial allocation.


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