How Applications are Reviewed

  1. All proposals except those awarded for Proposal Development are reviewed by a Technical Qualification Panel (TQP) on a schedule that differs according to Allocation Class. The purpose of this assessment is to:
    • Assign the proposal to one of the NeSI Project Classes and confirm that the proposal meets all assessment criteria;
    • Determine the technical feasibility of the proposed research, taking account of the research team’s experience;
    • Determine which NeSI platform is best able to meet the needs of the proposed research (the fit-for-purpose assessment);
    • Propose a core-h (Mahuika) or node-h (Maui) HPC allocation, and/or a GPU-h allocation consistent with both the maximum allocations available for each Allocation Class and the Total resource available to allocate;
    • Set a storage quota on the /home (for the Project Owener and Co-Is) and /nesi/project filesystems.
    • Determine what support, if any, may be required from the Applications Support Team, and/or the Computational Science Team.
  2. In the case of Applications for an Institutional Project allocation (Collaborator or Subscriber), the results of the TQP’s assessment are passed to the relevant Institution to finalise the Project Allocations.
  3. The Applicant is informed of the outcome of the review and allocation process.
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