Post Graduate

This access class supports capability development of early career researchers for students enrolled at a New Zealand Institution. Successful Applicants receive low-priority access to the HPC Compute Service. The Access Policy requires that Proposals meet the following criteria:

  • Eligibility: The PO must be enrolled at a degree-granting institution and working on a research programme approved by that institution. The PO must provide evidence of their enrolment in a Post Graduate degree programme.
  • Research Quality: The name of the applicant’s supervisor, and the level of the degree that the student is enrolled in (e.g. Masters, Doctorate) will suffice.
  • Evidence of Experience: None required.
  • Platform Recommendation: Using informed fitness-for-purpose criteria, and availability of the software specified in the application, the TQP will recommend the most suitable Platform(s) to support the Allocation.
  • Computational Science Service Allocation size: Users: None provided.
  • Number of Allocations: The Applicant may have no more than one (1) active Post-Graduate Research Project.

Post Graduates from Collaborator and Subscriber institutions will be given an Allocation within the Institution’s total Allocation.


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