Proposal Development allocations

A Proposal Development allocation is a short-term allocation of 600 standard CPU core hours over one month during which you can find out:

  • whether your software can run on a NeSI HPC,
  • how your software scales to multiple cores or across compute nodes,
  • approximately how many core hours or node hours your research project is likely to need.


  • you are new to NeSI or have not run this particular programme of research on a NeSI system before, and
  • you work at a New Zealand institution that is not a NeSI collaborating institution, and
  • we decide that your workflow is likely to be a good technical fit for our facilities,

it is likely that we will initially award your research programme a Proposal Development allocation.

NOTE: We recommend becoming familiar with the Linux command line before applying for your first NeSI project. There are many courses and online materials available, such as Software Carpentry, to help you and your project team gain the necessary skills.

Once you have completed your Proposal Development allocation, you are welcome to apply for a further allocation. If you are successful, the project's next allocation will be from another of the NeSI Project Classes.

The How Applications are Reviewed section provides additional important information for applicants.

To learn more about NeSI Projects, and to apply please review the content of the section entitled Applying for a NeSI Project.


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