Proposal Development Project

A Proposal Development Project is a short-term allocation during which you can find out:

  • whether your software can be run on a NeSI HPC,
  • how your software scales to multiple cores or across compute nodes,
  • approximately how many Core or Node hours your research project is likely to need.

Once you have found these things out, you can Apply for a Project allocation under one of the NeSI Project Classes.

The primary features of a Proposal Development project are:

  1. It provides sufficient HPC resources to carry out exploratory work.
  2. The applicant may choose the HPC (Mahuika, Maui or both).
  3. No Computational Science Services are provided.
  4. The Project Owner (the applicant) may have no more than one (1) simultaneous Proposal Development Projects active.
  5. Proposal Development Projects cannot be extended.
  6. You can request support by contacting the Support Team at

Any researcher who is based in New Zealand may apply for a Proposal Development project.


We recommend becoming familiar with the Linux command line before applying for a Proposal Development project. There are many courses and online materials available, such as Software Carpentry, to help you and your project team gain the necessary skills.

The How Applications are Reviewed section provides additional important information for applicants.

To learn more about NeSI Projects, and to apply please review the content of the section entitled Applying for a NeSI Project


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