Apply for a NeSI Project

Applying for access is a two-step process:

  1. Register with NeSI by setting up an account on the NeSI Portal, where you will login using your institutional credentials via Tuakiri.
  2. Fill in a NeSI Proposal Application using the Application Form on the NeSI website.

Note: Before filling in the NeSI Proposal Application please review the Project Classes that NeSI supports, the Maximum allocations available in each class, the Project Review and Call timetables, the Review Process, and the Assessment Criteria applied.

Once your application has been reviewed you will be informed of the outcome.

Note: The researcher completing the NeSI Proposal Application is called the Project Owner (PO).  The PO for the NeSI Application need not be the Principal Investigator of the Scientific Research Project that requires access to NeSI Services to complete the proposed research but must be a named investigator on that Research Project.

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