Mahuika is a Cray CS400 cluster featuring Intel Xeon Broadwell nodes, FDR InfiniBand interconnect, and NVIDIA GPGPUs.

Mahuika is designed to provide a capacity, or high throughput, HPC resource that allows researchers to run many small (from one to a few hundred CPU cores) compute jobs simultaneously, and to conduct interactive data analysis. To support jobs that require large (up to 500GB) or huge (up to 4 TB) memory, or GPGPUs, and to provide virtual lab services, Mahuika has additional nodes optimised for this purpose.

The Mahuika login (or build) nodes, mahuika01 and mahuika02, provide access to GNU, Intel and Cray programming environments, including editors, compilers, linkers, and debugging tools. Typically, users will ssh to these nodes after logging onto the NeSI lander node.


  1. The Cray Programming Environment on Mahuika, differs from that on Māui.
  2. The /home, /nesi/project, and /nesi/nobackup filesystems are mounted on Mahuika.
  3. Read about how to compile and link code on Mahuika in section entitled: Compiling software on Mahuika.

Mahuika HPC Cluster (Cray CS400)

Login nodes

72 cores in 2× Broadwell (E5-2695v4, 2.1 GHz, dual socket 18 cores per socket) nodes

Compute nodes

8,136 cores in 226 × Broadwell (E5-2695v4, 2.1 GHz, dual socket 18 cores per socket) nodes;

Compute nodes (reserved for NeSI Cloud)

288 cores in 8 × Broadwell (E5-2695v4, 2.1 GHz, dual socket 18 cores per socket) nodes


8 NVIDIA Tesla P100 PCIe 12GB cards (4 nodes with 2 GPUs)

8 NVIDIA A100 PCIe 40GB cards (4 nodes with 1 GPU, 2 nodes with 2 GPUs)


Enabled (accordingly, SLURM will see 16,272 cores)

Theoretical Peak Performance

308.6 TFLOPs

Memory capacity per compute node

128 GB

Memory capacity per login (build) node

512 GB

Total System memory

31.0 TB


FDR (54.5Gb/s) InfiniBand to EDR (100Gb/s) Core fabric. 3.97:1 Fat-tree topology

Workload Manager

Slurm (Multi-Cluster)

Operating System

CentOS 7.4


 Storage (IBM ESS)

Scratch storage

4,412 TB (IBM Spectrum Scale, version 5.0). Total I/O bandwidth to disks is ~130 GB/s

Persistent storage

1,765 TB (IBM Spectrum Scale, version 5.0). Shared between Mahuika and Maui. Total I/O bandwidth to disks is ~65 GB/s (i.e. the /home and /nesi/project filesystems)

Offline storage

Of the order of 100 PB (compressed)

Scratch and persistent storage are accessible from Mahuika, as well as from Māui and the ancillary nodes. Offline storage will in due course be accessible indirectly, via a dedicated service.



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