NIWA Network Outage (24th May)

Dear users,


Major Network Outage – Wednesday 24 May between 6:00pm and 11:59pm.


During this window there will be an all-NIWA network outage  The outage has been scheduled so we can replace an aging component of the NIWA network.


During the outage, all network access to and from all NIWA sites will be unavailable for up to 6 hours.


The following services/systems will be unavailable or impacted:

  • Access to FitzRoy from the internet.
  • DTN: any ongoing transfers that include NIWA DTN Endpoint (nesi#fitzroy_niwa) will be paused and the endpoint will also be inaccessible during this period.


 Please note, that any jobs already submitted will still be running. Intra-network communication on the HPC platform is not affected by this outage


If you have any queries, submit them through our NeSI Support portal or send us an email to




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